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Commercial Sealing

Sealcoating is the only preventative maintenance procedure required by your asphalt surface. For a parking lot or surface to be long lasting and presentable, it must be maintained correctly. Our commitment to carrying out these duties expertly has made Protect-A-Cote first and foremost among asphalt maintenance and sealcoating companies in Cleveland, Ohio.

Why should you use sealer? It protects the asphalt from UV rays, gas, oil drippings, and salt. A blacker surface assists in melting snow and ice. Protect-A-Cote hydraulically mixes sand with sealer to provide a non-skid, anti-slip surface. The sealer is sprayed down to provide a uniform appearance without minimizing the thicker applications needed in high-traffic areas. Coal-tar sealers can easily be excessively diluted and/or applied very thin. We specify the coverage rate per undiluted gallon of sealer concentrate so that you know how much of the sealer is going to be applied to your pavement during the sealcoating process.

Downtime is not profitable for your lot, and spraying allows us to proceed quickly, meaning you can re-open your lot sooner. Same day service is provided to line stripe the parking lot. We ensure line striping complies with the American Disability Act regarding proper ADA markings for parking lot spaces. To meet our high standards of contract satisfaction we provide hand edging.

Our manufacturer of sealer is located in Ohio: We support the local market!

Our asphalt paving crew stands out as properly trained and upright. We are also covered by Worker’s Compensation.

When Looking at Sealcoating Your Paved Lot, There Are Some Important Considerations

Are you just buying cosmetic appearance – or money-saving protection?

In a mature, competitive market such as Greater Cleveland, there is an abundance of “Bee Sting” or “Water Buffalo” asphalt sealcoating companies with a large spraying truck, and a slick marketing and sales campaign. These contractors are all too ready to “dye” your parking lot without really giving it protection. Compare quotes carefully when hiring a sealcoating or blacktop paving service.

Notice that we specify coverage rate per undiluted gallon of concentrated sealer. This gives you an accurate specification. As you are aware, coal-tar sealers can be excessively diluted and/or applied very thin. As the following chart shows, finish thickness of a sealcoat application varies radically depending on the coverage rate. Is the coverage rate specified with corresponding numbers, or in generic terms, such as “to manufacturer’s specifications” or “properly”?

The day after sealer is applied, even the most well-trained observer can tell little difference between a properly applied protective coating and one that is mainly cosmetic. This is despite the fact that a properly applied protective coating is routinely 50% to 100% thicker per coat than a mainly cosmetic coating.

Currently, literally millions of dollars are wasted on improper asphalt maintenance by property owners who can easily get much better value. By insisting on proper action on the part of those hired for asphalt services, any owner can stop this unnecessary expense. Proper pavement sealcoating and maintenance is a good value for an expensive investment, and there are ways to do it right.