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Protect-A-Cote is Cleveland's 1st Choice for Residential Paving - We Pay Attention to the Details!


Residential Paving

Protect-A-Cote specializes in residential paving. An experienced estimator will provide you with accurate information about the right solution for your site—there are many options for residential asphalt paving and maintenance service.

Where possible, resurfacing is the most cost-effective option. Sewer drains can be added or repaired and our crews will remove “headers” where required to provide a flush joint in the surface area. While carrying out our paving maintenance duties we place emphasis on ensuring we meet environmental standards. Asphalt is the most recycled material in America.

How is blacktop paving installed? Usually a new layer of hot mix asphalt compacted to a two-inch thickness is put down. If it is put right over the existing surface it is known as resurfacing.

What if the old surface is too deteriorated or if the resurface will be too high of an elevation? The crew will tearout the existing surface, prepare a sub-base and pave in the new surface.

What is typical in a residential paving contract? The crew will resurface over the existing driveway, but locally specified sections will require a tearout. The header, which is a specified length of the first portion of the driveway, will be removed to allow the new surface to start smoothly from the public roadway or sidewalk. A riser is a piece installed in a sewer drain to elevate the drain to match the new higher elevation of a resurfacing. A step in this resurfacing process is to apply a tack coat to the existing surface so the new asphalt being applied will adhere to the old surface.

Since 1982, Protect-A-Cote has been a leading provider of asphalt driveway installation, repaving, and repair services in the Cleveland area. Aside from residential paving—our area of specialty—we also offer our services to commercial clients. From seal coating to traffic-lane repair, we have the tools and expertise to keep your property in sound condition. See the FAQ section below for more information. If you have unanswered questions, feel free to contact us.