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Residential Sealing

When we began in 1982, the focus of Protect-A-Cote was sealing residential driveways. With our decades of experience we have the knowledge and skills to provide you with a long-lasting, well-maintained driveway. To actually work the sealer into the pores of the asphalt it is applied by hand. In larger applications, machine spray application is used. Your estimate will give you the assurance of proper driveway preparation.

What does proper driveway preparation mean? It includes priming all oil spots and car spills as well as sweeping and blowing the driveway clean to allow the new sealer to effectively adhere to the surface. For a stronger surface film that resists scuffing and power steering marks we use X-10 premium sealer hydraulically mixed with Tarmax R-100 additive, and the ratio of water and sand is hydraulically mixed. The result is a consistent homogeneous sealer that provides even protection and a smooth appearance for your driveway. Our method is proven superior to hand-powered mixers and other primitive systems that do not properly fold and blend the sealer, sand, water, and additive together. Your trust can be safely placed in our company, which has sealed thousands of driveways and is focused on minimizing adverse environmental impact.

Proper, timely asphalt repairs and sealcoating are the best investment for protecting the driveway from natural deterioration and weather damage as well as for properly restoring the appearance of old pavement to an attractive, desirable look. For top-notch asphalt maintenance and sealcoating services in and around Cleveland, Ohio, contact Protect-A-Cote.

Click the numbered tabs below to look through our residential sealing photo gallery. For additional information about our asphalt sealcoating services, scroll down to view the FAQ section.