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Commercial Paving

Protect-A-Cote is a Cleveland-based asphalt paving company recognized across Northeast Ohio for high-quality work on commercial surface areas of all sizes. Our asphalt parking lot paving skills are second to none in this region.
As the leader among Cleveland paving services, Protect-A-Cote can handle a wide range of commercial paving jobs. We provide line striping services to mark traffic and parking areas in accordance with all applicable regulations. We utilize an array of state-of-the-art paving gear, including compaction equipment and a self-propelled paver, to ensure thorough workmanship and correct thickness applications for the best value and minimum disruption of traffic flow. Parking bumpers, base reinforcement, wheelchair ramps, and more—we’ll outfit your commercial lot with the features needed to comply with laws and create a comfortable space for visitors.

Our asphalt milling service will complete mill and fill contracts. The milling services provided is the cost-effective method to give you complete satisfaction in an outstanding finished surface. All the asphalt that our crews mill out of your lot is 100% recyclable. The mill and fill contracts ensure proper water drainage and the newly paved surface retains the original elevations. All jobsites are carefully reviewed and accurately planned to ensure a puddle-free area. We provide a written guarantee on all our estimates that outlines our drainage policy. Every contract will specify the finished compacted thickness. Asphalt surfaces do not require long curing periods, giving you the access to your lot quickly upon completion.

When you need Cleveland parking lot paving contractors you can trust, call Protect-A-Cote.

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