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Established and founded by Fred Wyman in 1982 (out of the back of his pickup of course), Protect-A-Cote has grown to a multiple crew company with dozens of trucks and pieces of specialty equipment ready for almost any challenge. 

We are a family business through and through.  Small, determined, never say never, strong (sometimes too strong) minded... we love each other, work hard together, learn from one other, and enjoy the ride... wherever it takes us.

If you decide you would like to do business with us:

1) We are honored and promise to take your project seriously.

2) We look forward to working with you!

           Fred Wyman,


                                               Ross Wyman,


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Our Core Values

Number 1

Doing the right thing is always the right thing.

Number 2

"Search and Destroy


Don't make excuses, make it happen.

Number 3

Showing up with energy, positivity, and laughing is not an option..

its a requirement.

Number 4

Speed, Punctuality, and Flexibility are our strengths... Embrace them with grace.

Protect-A-Cote is Cleveland’s premier asphalt paving, sealcoating, repair, and resurfacing contractor. Servicing both commercial and residential clients, we bring our years of expertise to every job we undertake. We’ll expertly fulfill all aspects of our contracted assignments, supervising every part of our mission. To ensure that we are capable of providing quality workmanship, we use our own fleet of state-of-the-art asphalt paving equipment, not rental gear. No matter what size the site or the extent of the paving responsibilities we assume, we always meet and exceed industry standards. What kinds of services do we specialize in at Protect-A-Cote? We can install and repave asphalt driveways for residential homes; whether you need a simple resurfacing job or a complete tearout, we’ll help you get a durable surface that will serve you well for years. Our sealcoating service can help protect driveways from the damage caused by adverse weather and continual use. In addition, we treat parking lots and other types of commercial sites. Curb repair, rubber crack filling, line striping, and more–we have the tools and knowledge needed to get the job done right. Our goal is always to give you cost-effective paving solutions that do not skimp on quality. To that end, we use only commercial-grade materials. We will be glad to provide work references in your immediate area. Contact us for a free estimate from an experienced paving professional and find out why we’re first and foremost among asphalt paving companies in the Cleveland, Ohio area. Or stop by our Cleveland office, 5801 Harvard Ave, Cleveland Ohio, 44105.  

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