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Pavement Preservation Treatments

TREATMENT No. 1 - Asphalt Rejuvenation - BIORESTOR®

Apply on Pavement In Years 0-2 


Protect-A-Cote is a licensed applicator and dealer of BIORESTOR® Rejuvenator 

Rejuvenating seals are a low cost option for preventing or retarding the surface deterioration of pavements and can be effective for restoring the surface integrity of existing pavement.

Cost Effective

Gives an additional service life of 40%!

Earth Friendly

Eco-smart and safe to handle.  USDA Certified Biobased Product.

Restores pavement binder

Reduces permeability, raveling and cracking.

Made from Soy Beans

Support Local Agriculture.  US Department of Agriculture Biopreferred Product.  

No Bio-Hazardous Waste

No toxic residual to dispose after treatment, unlike other competing applications.

Polymer Modified

Bio-based oils with synthetic polymer modification

County road white.png

An Ohio County Road Engineer, stated after testing a treated and untreated portion of the same road from 2004-2017, “The treated half mile stood up well for 13 years, while the untreated had to be patched and repaired often.
It is hard to be to specific in all cases because there are so many variables, but in general, we can say BIORESTOR® has shown to extend serviceable pavement life up to 40 percent for a current 13 percent additional investment as compared to untreated asphalt.”

TREATMENT No. 2 - Fiberized Cracksealing

Apply To Pavement In Year 2 and Beyond


Crack Sealing - A Cost-Effective Option for Extending Pavement Life.

Cracking is a primary mode of distress in flexible pavements, and if left untreated, it could lead to accelerated deterioration and potholing, further reducing pavement serviceability. Cracks should be sealed as part of a pavement preservation program to prevent water infiltration and decrease in load-carrying capacity.

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